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S A     M E D I C A L
Shanghai SA Medical & Plastic Instruments CO., LTD.
About Us

 Shanghai SA Medical & Plastic Instruments Co. Ltd is amanufacturing corporation specialized in injection needles and medical punctureinstruments. Adhering to consummate technology, manufacturing experience andfamous-brand effect of over sixty years. SA company leading the pursuit ofexcellence, our team is supereminence , provide various EDGE reusable injectionneedles, medical puncture instruments, special stainless steel metalcapillaries of high precision and disposable medical puncture instruments.        

  SAcompany invariably seeks for higher development goals, we have the "EDGE"brand, to provide accurate medical care and intelligent manufacturing multi-winstage for each merchant elite. We have obtained multiple patents at home andabroad as well as CE mark, passed the site audit by the U.S.FDA and get theNo.510K certificate, exported to the United States, Germany, Korea and theAmerica, the Europe, the Asia, the Africa etc. countries and areas.

  Shanghai SA Medical & Plastic InstrumentsCo. Ltd is well –equipped with advanced technique and facilities. We havecomplete set of physical, chemical and biological inspecting devices, andspatial appropriate clean work floor and manufacture environment. With superiortechnology and rich management experience. The company has achieved theCertification of Quality Assurance System for ISO13485 and ISO9001 and CMDCASat the beginning of the century.